MAC Auctions' latest success
6 Jun

MAC Auctions' latest success

MAC Auctions' latest auction held on the 20th May at Gainsborough Golf Club was a huge success with the average sale price being 16% above the advertised guide price. As well as achieving market price for their homes many homeowners were happy in the knowlage that their sales would be completed by the end of June. For those homes that didn't meet the reserve price on the evening , negotiations with interested bidders as well as those attracted by Martin and Co's marketing continues.

MAC Auctions' next Auction is on the 30th July to be held at Gainsborough Golf Club starting at 6:30pm. With overall fees cheaper than any other auction service in the area, meaning that you get the maximum possible price for your home, the marketing of both Martin and Co., The leading estate agent in Gainsborough, and MAC Actions combined with proven results over the past two years mean that there is no better time or agent to sell to your home.

Please call 01427 611833 or visit our offices in Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough.

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